Streaming into Normal & Express (Sec) to stop in 2024; to be replaced by full subject-based banding

发布: 2019年 3月5日

来自: The Straits Times


Forty years after streaming was introduced in secondary schools, the Education Ministry has taken the momentous step to do away with the Normal (Technical), Normal (Academic) and Express streams.

Instead, there will be full subject-based banding, in which students will take up subjects at higher or lower levels, based on their strengths.

The ministry will start full subject-based banding in about 25 schools next year and progressively apply it to all secondary schools, with streaming to end in 2024.

Instead, all Sec 1 students in the 2024 batch – the Primary Two cohort this year – will take subjects based on their ability and strengths. Subjects such as mathematics will be taught at three levels – G1, G2 and G3, with G standing for “General”. G1 will roughly correspond to today’s N(T) standard, G2 to N(A) standard, and G3 to Express standard.

When they reach Sec 4 in 2027, the students will take a common national examination and graduate with a common secondary school certificate, Education Minister Ong Ye Kung said in Parliament on Tuesday (March 5) during the debate on the ministry’s budget.

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