PSLE changes: 8 Achievement Levels offer a good balance, says MOE

发布: 2016年7月14日

来自: The Straits Times


On the one hand, pupils should not be pressured into chasing that final mark in the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE). At the same time, scores should still be able to sort them meaningfully for secondary school posting, to cut down on computer balloting.

That is why there will be eight scoring bands from 2021 onwards, explained the Ministry of Education (MOE), calling it a “good balance”.

“While there may not be any difference between a student who scores 65 and another who scores 66 in a subject, there is a difference between one who scores 65 and another who scores 75,” the MOE said.

“If there are too few ALs, there will be more students with the same PSLE score, which will lead to more balloting in Secondary 1 posting. This would cause more anxiety for parents and students.”

From 2021, pupils will be placed into eight Achievement Levels (ALs) for each subject. Those who get 90 marks and above for a subject will earn an AL1; 85 to 89 is AL2; and 80 to 84 is AL3 and so on. The bands get wider at the bottom – AL5 is a score of 65 to 74, for instance.

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