Primary 5 pupils to be graded using new PSLE scoring system from next year

发布: 2019年 7月25日

来自: The Straits Times


Starting next year, Primary 5 pupils will be graded with the new Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) scoring system to help them come to grips with it.

These pupils will be the first cohort to undergo the new PSLE scoring system in 2021, which grades them on the basis of their individual performance in subjects, regardless of how their peers have done.

The change is a key part of the Ministry of Education’s (MOE) efforts in recent years to shift away from an overemphasis on academic results, and provide students with more flexibility and space to develop their strengths and interests, regardless of their starting points.

Under the new PSLE scoring system, each Standard-level PSLE subject will be scored using eight bands known as Achievement Levels (AL) – from AL1, the best score, to AL8.

Foundation-level subjects – which cover a subset of the curriculum covered at the Standard level for those who are weaker in the subject – will be graded AL A to AL C.

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