Notes for Singapore Chinese Girls’ School 2022 Sec 3 HCL WA1

Sharing some resources to aid SCGS 2022 Sec 3 students taking HCL WA1 in their preparation.

Access files here (Google Drive)

Files include:

  • 逗号1920 (digital copy of 逗号 Issue 19/20 from 2021)
  • 早报词汇 (list of vocab from tested pages from 逗号 Issue 19/20)
  • 片段缩写 (notes on summary writing for 阅读理解二B组 component)
  • 议论文 (notes on 议论文 incl. 论证方法 and practice + extra reading material on famous people mentioned in the practice passages)
  • 阅读理解 – 议论文 (practice for 阅读理解二B组 + extra reading material on famous people related to the theme of the passage)

* all extra reading materials may come in handy in 议论文(discursive essay) writing in the future, as a form of 论据(evidence)

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